Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up sessions are very important in order that you can quickly learn how to use the Creighton Model FeritlityCare System. It also ensures that the system is tailor made for you and your situation. Follow-up sessions are available either in person or via Skype. Both day and evening follow-up sessions are available. Both spouses are encouraged to attend these follow-up sessions. Information regarding the scheduling of follow-up sessions will be available at the Introductory Session. All follow-up sessions are provided in a private, individual setting.

Basic Follow-Up Session Schedule

Although variations and more frequent follow-ups may be necessary depending on the client situation, most women and couples have follow-up sessions at the following intervals:

  • 4 Follow-up sessions 2 weeks apart during the first 2 months

  • Follow-up session at 3 months

  • Follow-up session at 6 months

  • Follow-up session at 9 months

  • Follow-up session at 12 months

  • Long term follow-up every 6-12 months after that in order to review chart and obtain more charting supplies

Variations to the Basic Follow-Up Session Schedule

  • There are occasions where follow-ups every two weeks may be necessary beyond the two months in order to properly manage a chart.

  • After the first two months of charting, breastfeeding women will maintain an every 6 week follow-up schedule until three cycles have been charted.