Below is the current fee schedule for Covenant Resources FertilityCare Center:

  • Introductory Session--$20 (Fee will be waived if you continue with the program.)

  • First Follow-up in Person (Includes Materials Needed for First Year)--$50

  • First Follow-up via Skype or Telephone (Includes Materials Needed for First Year)--$75

  • First Year Fee (includes 7 Follow-ups in addition to the first follow-up)--$400

  • Continuation Fee after First Year (Includes 1 follow-up, phone support, and all materials for the year)--$60

  • Additional Follow-ups after the First Year--$50

Important Notes

  • Fees are due at the time of service. A late charge of $5 will be added unless arrangements have been made in advance.

  • 24 hour notification is required to change or cancel follow-up appointments otherwise a $20 fee will be assessed.

  • If you have financial hardships, please discuss this with your practitioner and we will work with you to make arrangements.

  • We DO NOT turn away clients due to inability to pay.

  • You are able to use your Health Savings Account and Flex Spending Accounts. You will be given a receipt with ICD-9 codes so that you can submit it to your insurance.

To Pay with your PayPal Account

We do accept PayPal payments. However, you are responsible for any fees we incur in order to provide you with this service. Please ask us about this option.