Introductory Session Schedule

    Introductory Sessions are a free no-obligation way to learn more about the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. However, reservations
are ne
ttend a
Introductory Session. They are offered in either a group or individual setting based on the needs of the woman and the couple. Below is a list of current Introductory Sessions being offered. Introductory Sessions are offered on at least a monthly basis. Therefore, the listing below will change frequently. In order to register for an Introductory Session, please contact us at If you do not receive a reply from your inquiry within 48 hours, please call us as that means that we did not recieve your email.
Currently Scheduled Group Introductory Sessions:
We are in the process of scheduling Introductory Sessions for July and August 2013.
Skype Introductory Sessions:
These are available on a per appointment basis. Please email or call us to make an appointment.
Other Introductory Session Options:
If you would like an in person Introductory Session and the above schedule does not work for you, please contact us at the above email address for other arrangements.